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The Studio Knife

The Studio Knife

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For people who can’t stand cheap tools and dull blades.

Precisely mark wood, cut foamcore, do papercraft, deburr parts, vinyl cut stickers, trim flash, or just open and break down cardboard boxes like a tiny samurai.

This is a life upgrade for anyone who makes things or breaks things.

What makes it special?

The Studio Knife was born from a decades long hunt for the most versatile and always sharp workshop blade. After building out and managing half a dozen professional prototyping workshops at places like Google [x], I found X-acto blade quality is poor and those little pen-shaped handles always come loose. Scalpels are crazy sharp but way too flexible for all but the most delicate tasks, and those snap-off style blades just don’t have enough control for precision work.

When I discovered a niche line of British-made craft blades, I saw a path to perfection. These blades are 25% thicker than an X-acto and made by a scalpel manufacturer with fantastic edge quality. The key element keeping these blades from greatness was a lack of high quality handle options. After dozens of prototypes and years of product testing in our own studio, we’re ready to share it with you.

The Studio Knife is proudly made in the USA. It’s CNC machined from billet steel or brass in Milpitas, California and is assembled and hand tuned in a small workshop in Oakland, California.

How does it work?

The blade is quickly swapped by a buttery smooth sliding mechanism. No tools required. Just flick the center bar back with your thumb until it clicks to expose the blade. The blade is retained with a rare earth magnet so it won’t go anywhere until you want it to. Pop in a freshie, slide that center bar back until it clicks and you are ready to cut with the katana of craft knives.


  • 304 Stainless Steel or 360 Brass
  • Heavy AF (in a good way)
  • Ergonomics designed for both precision details and heavy cuts
  • Satisfying slide/click action for tool free blade replacement
  • Uses best-in-class Swann Morton craft blades
  • 9pcs SM01 blades included (our favorites)
  • Plywood case with extra blade storage (option to upgrade to a hardwood case)
  • Will outlive you

NOTE: This is (obviously) a sharp tool to be handled with caution. What For Studio is not responsible if you injure yourself or someone else while using this product.


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